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Welcome to Camp Breastie! A Place For Women Who Move Mountains.
Get ready for an energizing, weekend-long experience at camp with your Breasties – a getaway in the outdoors for community, wellness, and fun! Think of the ultimate summer camp experience but with women who “get it” by your side.

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Megan Moran

Grove Collaborative
Influencer Marketing Manager

Megan Moran is the Influencer Marketing Manager at Grove Collaborative’s San Francisco office. For the past 3 years, she has run the Influencer Campaigns, as well as the Content Creation Program to promote the use of green household products.

As a San Francisco native, Megan always considered herself environmentally conscious, but working for Grove has taught her even more about how to live green — from using natural shampoos and conditioners to refilling glass dish soap bottles instead of buying one-use plastics. 

Megan wholeheartedly believes in Grove’s mission to satisfy customers with high-quality products, without sacrificing the health of our planet. She works diligently to identify influencers with similar values and receptive audiences, so people everywhere can start making small changes that provide huge environmental benefits.