Camp Breastie has ended
Welcome to Camp Breastie! A Place For Women Who Move Mountains.
Get ready for an energizing, weekend-long experience at camp with your Breasties – a getaway in the outdoors for community, wellness, and fun! Think of the ultimate summer camp experience but with women who “get it” by your side.

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Brock University
MA Candidate/Teaching Assistant
Ontario, Canada
My PBM is scheduled for May 22, 2018 - only a few days after returning from camp. Im addition to the upcoming PBM, I had mole biopsies return dysplastic. As a result, I underwent two minor procedures to remove troubling areas on my skin. More procedures to follow my PBM.

I am passionate about (humane) jobs, community, hiking, outdoors, animals, clean products, and integrative health approaches.

I cannot wait to meet everyone.
Let's connect before camp! Instagram @mutantscholar
Friday, May 17

1:30pm EDT

3:15pm EDT

4:15pm EDT

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10:30pm EDT

Saturday, May 18

7:30am EDT

8:00am EDT

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10:30am EDT

11:00am EDT

12:00pm EDT

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2:45pm EDT

3:45pm EDT

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Sunday, May 19

8:00am EDT

8:30am EDT

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11:15am EDT

12:30pm EDT